About N.O.W.

My name is Denny Cohen Ashkenazi, a native Israeli who made LA my home. I am a mother of three children. My oldest son, Roy, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy at birth. My journey, from experiencing motherhood at a very young age, to raising a child with different abilities, has led me to discover a way of being that creates peaceful acceptance and joy of life in every moment.

In 2005, I graduated as a master NLP coach and hypnotherapist. I founded my company N.O.W., and started meeting face to face with clients. I created weekend seminars with the intention to help change other people’s lives in a more ecological way. Inspired by my client’s evolution in these seminars, I chose to pursue a training degree, and formed a school for NLP in 2007 here in LA.

Ever since then, I have been coaching one-on-one clients, and certifying NLP coaches throughout LA and beyond. As a consciousness guide, I am humbled and honored to support people in the process of letting go of negative emotions, setting clear positive goals, manifesting them, and teaching them the way to use their mind to change and produce anything. NLP techniques integrates the conscious and unconscious mind, and unites the mind and heart back into a holistic unit that allows the person to go through life with health, empowerment, and joy.

I am very blessed to be the owner and land keeper of the gorgeous Amanaia Conscious Living, a magical home on a sacred land in Sedona where I host all inclusive immersive consciousness retreats that are powerfully transforming our guests way of thinking and living. This is my most valued and intimate program.

It was the birth of my child and my fear of an uncertain future that led me to the greatest opportunity for growth. It was a challenge that turned into a gift. I learned to see the beauty in everything; the pain, the joy, and light in between. I experienced how much more able and magnificent human beings are when we put our MIND to it.

For me, this is not a job, but a mission and purpose. In these special universal times of change and evolution, it is my commitment by choice and love to teach the tools that lead us back to wholeness, where true meaningful joyous living is of a humanity that is united, compassionate, caring, and loving.

I welcome you to look within, reach out to us, ask questions, and commit to the wellbeing of yourself. Become a conscious participant in the magnificent journey called YOUR LIFE.

Keep raising the vibe!