Join us in small 10-20 member groups as we create an ecological platform aimed for supporting sustainable conscious evolution. These small group settings are catered for individual growth, with each program based on a different theme of consciousness for an overall experiential education. Themes include Teen Coaching, Conscious Parenting, and Shakti-Goddess energy work.

Our personal NLP coaches are here to guide you with expertise specifically tailored to your goals. We’re here to adapt to your life, offering meetings via phone call, video call, or in person. Let’s work together to heal your past and clear emotional blockage, phobias, and limiting beliefs. Are you ready to achieve your goals and create a new future?

Do you want to become a conscious programmer of your life, and the life of your loved ones? Earn your certification in the fastest growing field of human behavioral change. You’ll learn how to become a master in all areas of communication while acquiring advanced skills to succeed in the highly demanded field of life coaching. Join us in raising the vibe and transforming the planet.

Are you ready to discover new ways to nourish your mind, body, and spirit? From motivating your journey within to celebrating life, we’re always looking forward to the next party with our live events. Evolution is accelerated when we do it together! Enroll in our exclusive membership program to access our transformative networking opportunities, and meet others on the path. Together, we can explore conscious life style, and build a thriving successful community!

Surrounded by the magnificent, breathtaking Sedona Red Rocks on 8 acres of magical land, Amanaia welcomes its guests for a luxury-meets-nature consciousness retreat. Transform the worries of daily living into growth through our conscious lifestyle immersive programs. Your experience, including an in-house chef, NLP coaching, and nature adventures, will renew your body, mind, and spirit.