I Am Shakti

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Woodland Hills, CA

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In a world that reflects an acute masculine feminine imbalance, where many experience low self worth, high self judgement, conflicts in relationships and overall deep sense of emptiness, Denny is inviting women to take a journey into the self, discover, explore, and celebrate the true nature of the divine feminine.

Join a conscious collective circle of women that are committed to live a life of fulfillment, independence, and abundance to flow and walk in their power as self sustained beings, honored and appreciated within their rolls.

This program is an intimately personal representation of Denny’s  years of extensive conscious work as a woman through her own  journey of rising, and her devoted study and practice of Goddess energy that guided her to write and teach this very unique empowering two-part program.

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  • Get familiar with the design of feminine energy of creation (Shakti/Shchina) that you are.
  • Discover your roll as a feminine within the collective and as an individual.
  • Let go of negative emotions and limiting beliefs that are of the collective feminine.
  • Detach from neediness, attach to self regenerated power.
  • Find your uniqueness.
  •  Remember your worth.

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in this experience, you will:

  •  Study the Shakti/Shchina qualities that are within you.
  • Connect, accept, and align each quality to your needs and goals.
  • Learn and practice a technique to tune into Shakti/Shchina energy.
  • Commit and initiate into your true feminine power, sacred femininity.
  • Connect the work to every area of life: love, relationships, career, parenting, health, and vitality.
  • Fall in love… with yourself.




Read Denny’s Story

In the past 6 years, in an accelerating pace, I have been going through a massive transformation in my understanding and practice of Goddess energy. This journey has been the deepest, most courageous one I have taken, with regards to many powerful journeys I have taken throughout my life. This one was the deepest, the most challenging, and intense, but by far the one that is most rewarding on levels that have supported and still supports me in being the woman I am today. This journey was my journey… and only mine.

As I courageously walked through the inner doors of my perceptions, beliefs, and values I found so many scars and wounds that are of the collective feminine. Wounds that were so painful that I knew could not have been only mine. Through healing my personal wounds of the feminine in me I tapped into the wounds of the collective feminine and felt ALL of our pain.

It took an immense desire to heal the wounds and be willing to see it ALL in me, in my life and the life of those close to me. The good, the bad and the ugly. It took a choice to break through the pain transforming my life into a mission.

I dedicated and committed my journey to the path of feminine rising, teaching the way of the Shchina (the Hebrew name for the feminine energy of God) reminding women of who they truly are through the Shakti (The Hindu name foe the feminine energy of God) goddess teachings and Kabbalah.

Teaching the way of the Shakti is not designed for women alone but for all humanity to welcome, although in different ways. It is up to those that hold dominant feminine energy (regardless of gender) to tune in to this energy and embody its qualities, before activating it in those that are masculine dominant. Therefore, I will teach women first. Our current evolution is of remembering our rolls and purposes, honoring our differences and working together in symbiosis.

I welcome you sisters to rise up♥️

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