Conscious Parenting

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Woodland Hills, CA

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How would you like to raise your children in a conscious intentional way that produces healthy relationships, harmonious family dynamics, and feelings of pride in your parenting approach?

Conscious parenting is a program designed by Denny based on NLP foundational presuppositions of Conscious Living, on her long journey of conscious education, and her experience as a conscious mother to her own kids.

In this program you will become a skilled and successful communicator with your kids, discover how your language produces intended results, how to support your kids in eliminating negative emotions, and making healthy choices for successful, loving, peaceful family dynamic.

Parents who have enrolled their teens in our teen group will learn the same foundation of Conscious Living as their kids from a parent perspective. This was designed with intention to create a bond and share between the child and parents.



*For most wholistic results, we recommend that both parents attend.*